"Knowledge -- that is, education in its true sense -- is our best
protection against unreasoning prejudice and panic-making fear,
whether engendered by special interest, illiberal minorities,
or panic-stricken leaders."
Franklin D. Roosevelt
(1882-1945), 32nd US President
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- David L. Rosenthal      
 -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US      
 -- Joe, Rochester, MI      
Of course FDR's "education in its true sense" is performed in the government indoctrination centers known as public schools. Multiculteralism and moral equivalency is the result.
 -- Ken, Allyn, WA     
    Too bad the policy of the government back then, of providing free college education, even paying us $75 a month (a very large sum 60 years ago) besides all books and tuition, to all us WWII veterans who wanted it, was changed to making college almost unaffordable to many today. I feel that is one of the contributing factors making ours the "Greatest Generation", according to Tom Brokaw. My grandchildren really had to struggle to make it, compared to me in the late 40s. I felt sorry for them and for the country It surely isn't the country Roosevelt envisioned....
     -- Jack, Green, OH     
    FDR demostrates the master politician's tactic of telling one truth all the while practicing the very same thing he condemns. My rating is for the truth in the quote -- not the hypocrisy with which it is spoken.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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