"Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything."
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Reader comments about this quote:
Ain't that the truth!
 -- Willy, Philly     
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     -- P.M.     
    In all you think and say and do...Rebuke Foolishness !
     -- KS, Queensbury,NY.     
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    Okay Queensbury - just try and tell GWB that. He already believes it: As he said on election night when he was sure he had been re-elected - "Now I have a mandate (so) I can do anything I want!"
     -- john-douglas, nassau     
    So true.. Same with religion, but they do it (proselytize) with the poor and ignorant. This is why education is so important and why the republicans cut anything to do with enlightenment - we must remember our way... So, should there be a means test to vote - if so, fools like, well, you know who, would never be elected... Unfortunately, you still have to deal with the psychopaths...
     -- Robert, Somewhere in Europe     
    Does Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin have a plaque on his desk with this saying ? After all, he is the first to be elected by the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.

    Robert, absolutely ! A great example of your comment is the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land with its government seminaries (public schools - eliminating anything to do with enlightenment, law, justice, freedom, liberty and rights) Get all fools to side with religions based on sex and atheistic socialism and you get what is going on now.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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     -- Mike, Norwalk      
    " Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers".
     -- Jim k, Austin     
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     -- Ronw13, Yachats Or      
    The majority of the populace will ALWAYS be under-informed of how things really work -- how can they? To protect ourselves from the passions of the mob, a republican form of government chartered by the People themselves, and from among the People themselves, representatives elected to first and foremost protect the lives, liberty, and property of the People who they represent. None have any authority to seize property or persons without just cause and due process, with the People in the jury box as the final arbiters. This is the American republican government established by our federal and state Constitutions. In a republican government, the People are protected from the mass of fools by the fact that their lives, liberty, and property are not subject to vote -- America is NOT a democracy for this very reason.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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     -- jim k, austin      
     -- Mary, MI      
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