"Since people, in a competitive or any other society, are by no means always just to each other, some regulation by the state in its capacity of umpire is unavoidable, What must be kept in mind is that the greatest injustice of all is done when the umpire forgets that he too is bound by the rules, and begins to make them as between contestants in behalf of his own prejudices."
Felix Morley
(1894-1982) American jourmalist. author, editor for The Washington Post (1933-40), 1936 Pulitzer Prize
Freedom and Federalism, 1959
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Reader comments about this quote:
A system of Justice should pretty much take care of that. Maybe we'll have one someday.
 -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    What a novel idea, make the umpire follow the same rules the players have to play by. Why didn't America come up with such an idea.....oops, they did do that didn't they.
     -- Anon     
     -- jim k, Austin      
    In 1920, economist, John Maynard Keynes wrote: "If governmments should refrain from regulation ("taxation" etc.) the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud upon the public can be concealed no longer," The Economic Consequences of The Peace. If judges often permitted justice in tax cases, our worthless money would become useless money as the fraud is revealed.
     -- Dave Wilber, St. Louis     
    In a sporting contest, if there is no rule in the rule book, the the umpire makes no call. Someone tell this to our Supreme Court. We tire of them making their OWN rules.
     -- cal, lewisville, tx     
    Keynes also said, "I work for a government I despise to ends I think evil."
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
    Sounds like Congress and the Courts...
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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