"American [public] schools are failing because they are organized according to a bureaucratic, monopolistic model; their organizing principle is basically the same as that of a socialist economy."
David Boaz
[David Boaz and Morris Barrett]
What Would A School Voucher Buy? The Real Cost Of Private Schools, Cato Institute Briefing Paper No. 25, March, 1996.
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Reader comments about this quote:
The quote is a great overview and extremely accurate in its myopic focus but, diverts attention from an otherwise staggering check list of ills.
 -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    Another of many reasons that schools are failing is the teachers unions. They make it almost impossible to fire ateacher, no matter how bad they are.
     -- jim k, Austin, Tx     
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    On the contrary...the Dept. of Education is succeeding brilliantly. Provided you understand their goals that is...
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
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    Bingo, it is the socialist model, crumbling before their eyes, The effort to counter the effect, currently underway is causing the awakening of a good education well informed vs the dumb down of a sheepal mentality and its indoctrination. 
    WWG1WGA to KAG Trump 2020
     -- Ronw13, Oregon     
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    He's not wrong ...
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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