"I used to be employed as a field engineer servicing [a major broadcast network's] distribution equipment, specifically their affiliates' satellite dishes. I've had many talks with TV newsmen. The most telling was one who confessed that he didn't think he could continue his job and live with himself because he daily saw 'the difference between what I am forced to report and what's really happening.' He told me that, at the first meeting with 'corporate's' news director [from the corporate holding company that owned the station, not the network], the ND told them that 'our job as reporters was to shape public opinion.' When someone protested that their job was to discover and report the truth, the ND responded, 'Whatever the public's perception is is the truth and it's your job to make sure that they have the proper perceptions.' That man's statement is always in the back of my mind whenever I see or read anything in the 'news,' that the job of reporters today is not to report hard, verifiable facts but rather to shape public opinion using selected facts presented in carefully arranged fashion."
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Reader comments about this quote:
Fits with my observations.
 -- Capt Phil, Sebastopol     
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    Capt Phil, fits my experience as well. I had an experience (one of many) that paralleled the here quote. I saw first hand what the government had contracted with ranchers and then what they did completely violating that agreement. The newspaper (and other media) reported only the government's formal statement of fabricated events after government's illegal activity had occurred - refusing to even entertain facts, evidence or otherwise contrary to the government's lies. I called editors and ask them if their paychecks came from the government. Their response was only that they were re-printing the story from a large news source and they stood behind their story.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    Fits well with this 2016 election. The media tried their best to convince us that Hillary was qualified to be president. Thank God the voters rejected this notion and now the democrat party is in total disarray. There are even rumors that they may drag the old hag out to run again in 2020. I got my Christmas present on election day.
     -- Jim K, Austin     
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    Characteristically, news presenters are presenters not of news but of the narratives of those by whom they are controlled.

    Accordingly, the American people have found themselves being subjected to a relentless, heinous, decades long regime
    of psychopolitical warfare, in the guise of their receiving the "news".

    Were it not for this nation's alternative, primarily electronic, news resources, a latter day American rendering of the Soviet Union's samizdat, the journalistic landscape would be a virtual wasteland.

     -- Patrick Henry, Red Hill     
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    I would like to know: who is Chris Meissen? Is he alive? What does he do for a living if so? How old is he? What is the source of this great quote?
     -- Abby     
    Is he a she?
     -- Abby     
    My mother worked her way into the television and radio news business. I've been in many TV and radio news rooms and in the field helping shoot video (the equipment was big and heavy back then). I was privy to all the 'real' personalities of the TV news anchors (that my mother wanted so much to become) -- everyone was just so FAKE! Actors, all of them. People like my mother went out and got the story, but all stories are put through the filters set up by the owners -- absolutely, the purpose of the press was to PROMOTE favored views, not REPORT controversial news. You weren't hired unless you had the same 'bent' as the bosses. And I think that is as good as it's ever going to get. And that is why I don't watch it... ;-)
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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     -- Anonymous, USA     
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