"Every evil, harm and suffering in this life
comes from the love of riches."
Catherine of Siena
(1347-1380) Dominican Tertiary
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Reader comments about this quote:
Every One? I don't think so. Man's disreguard for his neighbor will bring harm and suffering. Adolf Hitler's love of riches was not the motivating factor in his Inhumane and Abominable Cruel treatment of the Jews and other "Lesser peoples" during WWII.
 -- Anonymous     
    To help fight Polio (nearly eradicated world wide), to provide clean drinking water in Africa, to provide medical assistance to the children and adults effected by Chernobyl, to help the millions of children who are abused, to help those who are incapable of self-survival, to be a conduit for those in need, labor is not enough it also takes millions of dollars mostly given by individuals who have money in excess of their own needs. Life is not black and white it is VERY grey… Yes, those are evil who hoard riches without concern for others.
     -- Robert, Sarasota     
    Not "mostly given by individuals" ... but our tax dollars given by our government.
     -- Joe, Rochester, MI     
    Money = Power. The insatiable lust for power is indeed a great danger to any free people.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
     -- Mike, Norwalk      
    this tells you
     -- Anonymous     
    The quote never mentions money nor does it exclaim 'riches' as the cause of evil, harm, and suffering. It eloquently states that it is the 'LOVE of riches', which would include any personal gain, as the cause of these things. To Robert (above): Those things were not done with the 'love' of riches. The money was just a tool used. People, your intentional cryptic language doesn't qualify your statements. Your statements are what they are. The vices mentioned in the quote do come from the love of riches. Hitler DID do what he did for his gain in riches (money and power).
     -- M. A. W., MI     
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    True. Riches aren't just material things.
     -- Anonymous     
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     -- Roland, Bonner's Ferry      
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