"We have the Bill of Rights.
What we need is a Bill of Responsibilities."
Bill Maher
(1956- ) Political humorist
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Reader comments about this quote:
My LIst: 1) Vote 2) Support Your Local Sheriff 3) Obey Law 4) Don't Preach Violence Against Government 5) Pay Taxes Properly 6) Work To Protect the Environment
 -- Anonymous     
    To Anon's list I would add Keep an eye on the Government.
     -- Eric, Wichita     
    Who has a Bill of Rights. The de facto democracy that plagues this nation creates statutes in opposition to law. An active Bill of Rights and a Bill of Responsibilities would be great. To Anon's list I would amend, Support Your Local Sheriff in all Lawful Pursuits (bring to his attention that he is: the greatest enforcement officer in the land, executor over common law courts, etc.).
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    Mr. Mahr is a hateful elitist.
     -- Bob, Eugene, OR     
    There is no freedom without responsibility -- that is why most men dread it. Number one responsibility is still the Golden Rule. Another indispensible responsibility is to stay out of debt and provide for oneself within one's means. And while we are at it, how about minding our own business -- the arrogance of trying to 'save' one another has caused more usurpations than anything. As far as obeying the law, well, it is necessary to know the law and make sure the law enforcers do not exceed that -- if they do, then we must resist in whatever form that may take. The paramount reasons for the American Revolution were excessive taxation (2%!) and no control of paper money from the Bank of England thus laying a permanent debt upon the colonists, so paying taxes is not necessarily a responsibility -- paying legitimate and lawful taxes may be a responsibility, but paying taxes to support a fiat currency controlled by a private banking monopoly that has laiden us with a mountain of debt through trickery is NOT an obligation of any free American. Yes, we should vote, but more importantly, we should make sure the voting is not rigged and controlled to funnel ignorant voters into their CFR controlled camps. Of course the paramount responsibilty of our elected officials and their departments is to FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION -- and it is our responsibility to see that they do -- anything less will result in the loss of our freedoms and our oppression by the arbitrary will of those that do so 'for our own good.'
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    Archer, thank you, said well
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
    I don't think that a nation is held together a 'moldy parchment' of a Constitution. People are bonded together in a society by customs and tradition.
     -- Evans, Jersey     
    Mr. Maher is a hateful elitist but the quote is still excellent.
     -- warren, olathe     
    Maher is a jackass.
     -- Jim     
    So very true. Everyone wants their rights but nobody wants any responsibility. Well said Bill Maher.
     -- Mike, Burnaby, BC     
    bill maher is my freakin hero.
     -- alise, seattle     
    Bill Maher hits the tail on the donkey. If you know what I mean.
     -- Erykah, Detroit     
     -- JBP, Florida      
     -- OBAMA, DC     
    Bill Maher exposes his ignorance with this quote. The history of governments is abuse of its citizens through the exercise of power. The Bill of Rights was added to curtail the U.S. government's power to abuse its citizens. To say we need a "Bill of Responsibilities" is to say the government should exercise MORE power over its citizens. We have seen the curtailment by degrees of the protections afforded the citizen in the Bill of Rights leading to our current situation wherein we already have an extensive and often conflicting "Bill of Responsibilities" known more commonly as local, state, and federal law. God help you (as no one but God could) if the government decides you are not being "responsible." I wonder if Maher would include in his "Bill of Responsibilities" some of the responsibilities the Founding Fathers recognized as necessary for the continueing success of this "grand experiment." Some we might consider would be: demonstrate an educated understanding of the issues and the candidates position of those issues prior to voting (being able to vote?); demonstrating an educated understanding of the history of mankind and the results when one group had the ability to control another group through unrestrained power; etc.. Would Maher be willing to abide by a Bill of Responsibilities drafted by a group of Republicans? Would he be willing to have his Bill adopted into law in the same manner as the Bill of Rights? I doubt it. Stone throwing, self-righteous individuals like Maher tend to think so highly of themselves that they don't believe the rules apply to them; much like the Kings and Queens whose tyranny over the people culminated in the establishment of the concept of ruling according to established law and this Republic.
     -- GW's fan club, Atlanta     
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