"A lot of wonderful people love their country and hate the military."
Bill Clinton
[William Jefferson Blythe III] (1946- ), 42nd US President
1969 (Letter to the National Guard)
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Reader comments about this quote:
People hate the career politicians who send our troops to die in a foreign land...countries we have no right to attack.
 -- Joel, Rochester, MI     
     -- Anonymous      
    that is the worst quote i have ever heard...the only reason those "wonderful people" can love thier country is because the MILITARY has kept it a plce worth loving.
     -- MA3 USN, franklin OH     
    Funny how people seem too quick (or stupid?) to read aand understand the meaning behind these words. Just because people don't believe in armed conflict, doesn't mean they don't love & believe in their country. Yet anyone who voices this opinion immediately draws attacks from the ignorant. It's a sad, sad place you live in.
     -- David, Sydney     
     -- Anonymous      
     -- Anonymous      
    From a quasi-president who knew nothing of military defense, but everything of personal offenses. A quasi-man cloaked in disrespect.
     -- HW, Bingaman, Ashland, Or.     
    America is not Mexico, Iran, or Iraq because good men, our soldiers, have fought and died so we may live free. If you do not believe in armed conflict, you do not understand America or the need for a strong military.
     -- Bonita, Columbus     
     -- Anonymous      
    agree! you dont have to go out & kill people to be patriotic just like america! one of the best quotes ive heard!
     -- Martha, Aus     
    From a President who used the military as a tool to deflect interest from his own impropieties. Monica voted Republican this year... Democrats left a bad taste in her mouth.
     -- Anonymous, Stewartstown, PA     
    Pearls of wisdom from the man, who despised our military, gutted our intelligence services and treated terrorist attacks against this nation as “criminal acts”. History will judge him harshly.
     -- Anonymous, Key West,FL     
    Its interesting how David from Sydney can call us stupid for believing in a strong military. If it had not been for our military you either would not be alive today, or at the very least, speaking Japanese mate. It was our military that was the only thing standing between you and certain destruction in 1941. I hope the next time you fly over New Guinea you give a silent thank you to the thousands of American and Austrailian servicemen that died in the jungles below to allow you to have the right to be an ass.
     -- C Morgan, Greenville SC     
     -- Kathryn, Grovetown      
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