"The road to tyranny, we must remember, begins with the destruction of the truth."
Bill Clinton
[William Jefferson Blythe III] (1946- ), 42nd US President
speech at the University of Connecticut, Oct 15, 1997
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Reader comments about this quote:
And if I remember right bill was the one that did that
 -- Anonymous     
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     -- maggie, leslie      
    Well, the two of them should definitely be in bed with that one!
     -- RBE, Somewhere in Europe     
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    Not shooting the messenger, very accurate. Bill and Hitlery are great examples of the statements accuracy. RBE, I like it a lot - a very appropriate analogy ;-)
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    Well, this is a real beauty coming out of Bill Clinton's mouth.
    It must mean that both he and Hillary are despotic tyrants for they are both outright destroyers of the truth.
     -- Mary - MI     
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    The tyranny and despotism endured today, comes from constructive destruction of the truth yesterday. an accurate statement from a reprobate mind.
     -- Ronw13, Oregon     
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    Hillary is widening the road for faster access.
     -- J. Allen, Arlington, Va     
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    Bill and Hillary wouldn't know truth if it bit them in the face. Partners in crime.
     -- Jim K, Austin     
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    Though the Truth cannot be destroyed, it can be contorted.

    The forte of the pragmatic to the point of being sociopathic Mr. Clinton and his commensurately lawless wife, is the wanton rending, beyond recognition, of reality, in service to the interests of those of whom they are only retainers.
     -- Patrick Henry, Red Hill     
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    For the pathologically political, the simple rule is to never admit or deny anything, simply accuse your opponent of doing what you do as a matter of practice. It's called The Clinton Rule.

    Get caught molesting women, call the accusers crazy, and accuse your opponent of molesting women and being a misogynist .
    Get caught using your foundation as a slush fund, accuse your opponent of using his foundation as a slush fund.
    Get caught causing violence at Trump rallies, accuse Trump of inciting violence at his rallies.
    Get caught making racial slurs, accuse Trump of being a racist.
    Get caught lying over and over, and accuse Trump of being dishonest.

    What just confounds me is how many people actually buy it? They must be hypnotized or something -- I don't get it.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    Looks like he tried to warn us, probably the only truth that ever came out of his mouth. And I'll bet he never realized the irony behind it, not a clue.
     -- Cheryl Ann Goad, Burns, Oregon     
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