"Little strokes fell great oaks."
Benjamin Franklin
(1706-1790) US Founding Father
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Place just one almost unnoticeable compelled compliance on the books, slide in a seemingly innocuous privilege (license), morally explain the virtuous security of each victimless crime, expound on the warm and fuzzy of larceny with impunity, silently change the definition of words out of view of day to day life and soon, each of those little strokes have felled that which was once the great oak of freedom, liberty, and rights.
 -- Mike, Norwalk
Little strokes like the constant increase of taxation, further wars that we can not afford, handing parts of America (Arizona) over to Mexican criminals. The Coward in Chief is moving very quickly now to finish us off.
 -- J Carlton, Calgary
and yet from "The lofty oak from a small acorn grows." Lewis Duncombe, translation of De Minimis Maxima
I think we are the Oak folks and the progressives have been chipping away...will we fall or heal the wound and stand? I am for standing...
 -- Abigail, Newport
Yes, Abigail, blame it on the progressives. No responsibility elsewhere, like on the so-called "victim" role you imply? Cannot we get past the cursed labeling which divides and conquers, the Rush Limbaugh tactic. Could not this quote also mean that by small steps one can make huge change; can accomplish the building of a pyramid? It depends on whether you are a giver upper, or a doer. Spread knowledge, get involved, write letters, to make change if you speak about government, or as an 85 year old black woman who just got her Bachelors degree, took small strokes and reached her life goal, to be educated.
 -- Judith, New Mexico
No, not any at all, for I truly believed that they were people who loved this country the same as I did. I am a very old woman, Judith, so I have lived a life and spent some of those years in the whiny 'lets help everyone' arena...but what I finally realized one day as I worked, went to school and raised 3 kids, that it could be done with no one's help. Wow, with self-responsibility, self-reliance, self-sufficiency my dear, Judith, I was able to do all of that with NO ONE ELSES MONEY! So along about midlife as my children were out paying their own way to school or working, I realized I wasn't WALKING the path of the socialists, I was walking the path of my ancestors-the Founders. And guess what I have Judith for my accomplishments? Not great riches. No, something a lot better. Self-respect. So please, feel free to think I am calling names when I am just pointing out a fact. I am not a victim...yet, but I think there will little space on this land when the current leaders take the 'hardline' leadership of this country a step further...and I bet you know it too. Unless you haven't read your history books...because I have a feeling you haven't lived life quite as long as this old woman. We have a corrupt government where 3 of our congress voted to support the US Constitution and your liberty 100% of the time in 2009. There are 535 people representing us, Judith, what do you think of those odds? It is obvious the work for someone other than we the people.
 -- Abigail
What the heck are you hanging it on to the progressives for? We don't have a progressive government. I am 68 an raised two children while going to nursing school and getting a BS. I know own valuable property, but do not blame anyone for anything. Maybe leaving name calling out and addressing exactly what you feel is the problem would be more helpful. Think about it.
 -- Judith, New Mexico
There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root - Henry David Thoreau.
 -- Anonymous
I stand with Abigail! How can we not?
 -- M.Brown
Thank you. It is liberty we must stand for...I am standing....
 -- Abigail
Who is not for liberty? That is not the question. Nor is the quote anything about liberty. This must be the talk-speak that Orwell referenced. No one can communicate because no one has the same reference point. Stand all you can bear and we will cheer you on.
 -- Judith, New Mexico
I say don't blame it on any party or group. It's all about the banks and the fact that they print money from nothing and attach a percentage to it. They create the deficeit (Federal Reserve) proven fact who is all behind this mess. It's not even federal, but banker rich idiots like Rockefeller, Kissenger, Rothchild who could care less about you or I. They control it all, not the government who does the front work for them. You get rid of them and their unconstitutional banking system and have our quote, unquote, government print it's own money debt free! You get rid of them, you get rid of most of the mess we have.
 -- Anonymous, Tamaqua
http://www.dragthemeswebdesign.com/TRUTH Plenty of documentories.
 -- Anonymous
The powers that be, control the media, and the media controls the common man, How else, and why, do you think O'bama was elected? He now wants a "NATIONAL POLICE FORCE" instituted in this country! This man was foisted upon us by the propaganda machine called FREE PRESS! They are no free press organizations, but there is a movement that they call alternative press. DONT watch the garbage that they push on you every time you turn on your TV!
 -- Anonymous, wisconsin
 -- jim shady, wisconsin 
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