"You want to know what fascism is like? It is like your New Deal!"
Benito Mussolini
(1883-1945) Italian dictator during WW2, founder of Italian Fascism, 'Il Duce'
to Grover Whalen, 1939
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Reader comments about this quote:
True, it's just more government control.
 -- cal, Lewisville, Texas     
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    I love it when totalitarians are brutally honest.
     -- Howard, Bangkok     
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    Very much so, took a nation of free independent people and forced them and all future generations into government dependency. FDR the enemy of individual and economic freedom.
     -- J. Allen, Arlington, Va     
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    I'm not quite sure how to rate this; 5 stars for accuracy or, a thumbs down for correctly identifying one of the prime actors and what killed the individual sovereign's aspirations of liberty. Corporations are, by execution and definition, State extensions. Adding corporatism to the theocratic administration of socialism is understood as fascism. Enhance State godhood by such tools as Keynesian economics (anti-natural law / fiscal law, prosperity, laissez faire liberty) makes Mussolini's observation of FDR's Amerika very accurate.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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     -- Jim K, Austin      
    Fascism took over both US political parties in the 30's. The communists upped their game and 'progressively' took over the Democrats. Once Americans lost control of their money and power, the globalists perfected their system of hegemony.

    True reform would be a return to State sovereignty -- there are so few who can make their way through the gauntlet of authoritarian opposition to the seats of power to dismantle the DC statist machine.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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     -- Mary, MI      
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