"Put no faith in salvation through the political order."
Augustine of Hippo
(354-430) Bishop of Hippo Regius, also known as Augustine, St. Augustine, or St. Austin was a Romanized Berber philosopher and theologian
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Reader comments about this quote:
Those statist theocracy faithful, believing the materialistic lies of their progressive clergy, realize only an ever expanding violence and chaos. After spewing the same rhetoric and enacting the same historical tyranny, hoping for a different result, such faithful can only cry for more, more, more since the envisioned increase of said political order would be the only way to bring about their utopia.
 -- Mike, Norwalk
Putting faith in the political order is a set up for a huge let down when the individual discovers his wants or even simple needs can no longer supply them. So much for secular faith.
 -- Anon
Putting faith in the political order is a set up for a huge let down when the individual discovers his wants or even simple needs, can no longer be supplied by those they have faith in. So much for secular faith.
 -- Anon
One of many definitions of faith, believing in something when there is no evidence to support it. Having faith that our government "is here to help you" is another definition of insanity.
 -- jim k, Austin
Yea, Brothers and Sisters, let us place heedless faith in Goldman Sachs, controlled media, deep well marine drilling and thoroughly fixed markets (check again Goldman Sachs). They will provide us freedom without the need for vigilance and labor on our part.
 -- John Mann, Kalamazoo
Those who laud big centrally-planned government and demonize big centrally-planned businesses fail to see that each is dependent upon the other. Luckily, in both cases "too big to fail" eventually leads to "too big to save".
 -- Justin, Elkland
Life is all politic.
For what will save us from the political order?
 -- E Archer, NYC
P.s. John, very good. Please stay commenting - its good to hear a sensible voice amongst the flurry.
All order is politic as is all life. What will save us from the fascist right is to stop feeding it! The strategy of divide and conquer is used most effectively by the media and the plutocracy who owns it. Derivatives are the social welfare program of the Plutocrats.
John, your socialist based ignorance is showing. Legally, all corporations are equitable extensions of the state (from your little privately held corp. to Goldman Sachs.) Fascism has also been called corporatism - there is no separation. Are you aware that all private legal entities that could legitimately compete in a public economic atmosphere with corporations have been outlawed? (by way of one example: privately contracted trusts with units of beneficial interest) It is the political order, complete with its corporations, that is the statist theocracy that now infests this land and is destroying freedom, and liberty.
 -- Mike, Norwalk
John, Goldman Sachs was the largest contributor to Obama's campaign for president. Most of Obama's staff are Wall Streeters including several from Goldman Sachs, including Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff. This year, the 'securities and investment' industry has already given twice as much money to the Democrats as to the Republicans. ABC News reports that 'the five biggest hedge fund donors all gave almost all their donations to Democrats.' Among the biggest recipients of hedge fund money were Senators Harry Reid (Democrat), Chris Dodd (Democrat) and Charles Schumer (Democrat). Even with the evidence right in front of their eyes, people still believe that it's the Republicans who are in Wall Street's pocket. You've been duped. (again) The Federal Reserve is kept alive mostly by the left because it is the only way they can pay for all the projects that line all their pockets. Politicians cannot be trusted -- and as long as there is a mechanism to create money out of nothing, there will be politicians vying for it. Remember, that the Federal Reserve controls the economy and 'derivatives' -- strike at the root instead of the branches.
 -- E Archer, NYC
The only people the political order aims to save is themselves. Anyone who can't see the government is the corporation and the corporation is the government is willfully blind (and a sheep waiting to be sheared).
 -- Ken, Allyn, WA
No government can give you a Paradise. But, what an overwrought government and its politicians can visit upon you when it wishes to despotically dictate and mandate through legislative edict every aspect of your personal life is an absolute Hell on earth.
 -- Mary - MI
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