"A democracy is a government in the hands of men
of low birth, no property, and vulgar employments."
(384-322 BC) Greek philosopher
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Reader comments about this quote:
It was true then and now. If only Americans could reject their programming that the US is a democracy and thus everything is subject to vote. Woodrow Wilson can be credited with the phrase, and it has been put into every text book in the US. I know that when I first started reading Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, and other founders' arguments against democracy I was totally confused. Isn't the US a democracy, and not only that, but the model of democracy for the rest of the world? It's been a long road indeed. It's not easy getting out from under the propaganda when it is so comfortably rooted in our outlook. And there is a fundamental difference between the consciousness of someone who believes they are subject to the dictates of a group or authority and someone who considers himself personally responsible and acts in accordance with his/her own conscience and principles. The former is a subject/slave, the latter a 'noble sovereign.' Who are you? ;-)
 -- E Archer, NYC     
     -- jim k, Austin      
    E Archer: I am a free sovereign, as with all emancipated-thinking Americans. Guys like the Waffler, who do not possess the same self-trustworthy mettle as all decent Patriots, will forever distrust our unencumbered practice of Liberty, because the darkness of their innate spirit precludes them from comprehending the golden attributes cultivated within Truer hearts. And their sense of nosey-ness cannot comport witnessing and allowing adventurous souls to fly unimpeded by some authority -- which herding and shepherding desires are more powerful among Sheeple, than their hunger for Liberty. I feel this is the crux of our present social libtard vs Patriot discord. Too many wafflers clogging up our Liberty!
     -- Mark, Aurora, CO     
    With the current state of "vote counting" here in Amerika, only head in the sand pure prideful ignoramuses could call the entrenched criminality a democracy. The occupying statist theocracy infesting this land's demonic oligarchy are not of noble birth but rather, are vulgar low-lifes. As to no property, only the intangible phantasm is claimed capable of owning property; all else may only entertain "title". All employment fall under the auspices of vulgar slavery.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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