"In the eyes of government we are just one race here. It is American."
Justice Antonin Scalia
(1936-2016) American jurist, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States
Adarand v. Pena
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Reader comments about this quote:
It's Antonin Scalia. Do you actually believe him?
 -- anonymous     
    A lot more than I would believe you anonymous.
     -- cal, Lewisville, tx     
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    Whatta hoot! Scalia speaks of an ideal, not a truism. As the 'decisions' he's joined and authored clearly indicate, 'Nino' should have continued his spoken thought thus: "The overriding distinction defining American freedom and privilege is found in the heft of a (white) citizen's wallet: the heavier the wallet the greater the privilege conferred by law. Have you never heard of 'Citizens v. United?'"
     -- Mann, Kalamazoo     
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    Never loose the will to revolt in the eyes of the court. Each American is their best and only defense. Considering the blindfold is removed from the eyes of equality, one must stand their ground. If only the quote were true ! Not long ago, Judge Scalia speaking to upcoming lawyers, If you feel the need to revolt then do so ! " In the eyes of government we are just one race here. It is American. " He being the blindfolded balance of justice opposing ( Affirmative Action ). For that being said, I give him five stars for his candor and honesty.
     -- Ronw13, Yachats Or     
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    When government requires hiring, benefits, school funding, etc., etc., etc. as according to race, it does not see just one race! Under natural law, the sun rises on the evil, on the good, and on every race, and the rain falls on the just, on the unjust and on every race.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    All are equal before the law (natural law). There is no law abiding nation on the planet. There is no land of liberty as all corporeal governments enforce their compelled compliance, license, victimless crimes, larceny with impunity, denial of inalienable rights, race based prejudices, and all else that falls within the gods' legal positivism.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    One race, human. One right, freedom.
     -- J. Jerry Jones, Ayden, NC     
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    What a hypocrite!!
     -- Caro, Virginia     
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    I agree -- if only it were true ... Obviously in the eyes of the government we are NOT all 'Americans,' as time after time, politicians offer bills to favor one class of people over another. Caucasians don't refer to themselves as English-Americans or French-Americans, why should negroes have to make the distinction? They are not Africans any more than I am a Scott. This constant attempt to bring race into the equation is a way to keep people at odds with each other. I do not like everyone -- it has nothing to do with their race but with their ideas and their warring upon others for holding opposing views and then calling them the racists.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    It should read in the eyes of the court.  Our government has gone full on identity politics and shreds his comment to bits.
     -- Tony, Maryland     
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    Tony is right on target
     -- jim k, austin     
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