"The Bible is the rock on which our Republic rests."
Andrew Jackson
(1767-1845) 7th US President
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- Andrew, Lutz      
 -- Anonymous      
He understood that without God's hand on the country, we would no longer exist as a free and mighty people.
 -- Andrew, Cochranville     
     -- L. Wall, Anaheim Hills      
    Did President Jackson say that before or after he illegally ripped land away from the Cherokee Indians, destroyed their sovereign nation, and sent them on the Trail of Tears suicide march to Oklahoma?
     -- M., Nashville     
     -- Anonymous      
    Bravo, M. from Nashville! But, aside from my personal feelings toward Andrew Jackson, I'm afraid I must disagree with this statement. Religion should have no official place in government, other than as a listed right of the people.
     -- Anonymous     
     -- Anonymous      
    the weightier matters of the law are always over looked.mercy, faith, judgement. to look back to our foundation of law. we look to the God of our founding fathers whom they brought forth with, in the form of a book, containing laws and comandments which we belive to be self evadent. proclaiming leberty for the opressed. separation of church and state is to protect the church not the state,
     -- R. Pittman, FL.     
    Jackson was absolutely correct; without God and His Word, we are doomed.
     -- Bill Elmhorst, Neillsville, WI     
    Given how the Bible doesn't support notions like voting for leaders, self rule, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, or any other key value of the United States, it's pretty clear Jackson never read the book he's praising. Neither did the people giving 5 stars to this lie.
     -- Alverant, Wheaton, IL     
    The bible & history itself has been altered & twisted over the years 'til neither of them make much sense any more. Those in power make it their duty to rewrite history & scripture to suit their needs. The for-profit private central bankers at the Fed have enjoyed this power for a hundred years now, & the other banks of the same kind as the fed have done the same while they could. Andrew Jackson's history & quotes, especially as taught in the public schools (& even the private) is especially twisted & edited to make the monster banks & government look like our champion & hero & worthy of all worship!!! just keep in mind that governments & private government chartered banks like the Fed, are parasites & predators & killers of the worst type imaginable!!! They own you & your family & property & all you work to earn. All of it. Your vote is a joke as long as these criminals rule.
     -- James, state college     
    The KJB is the rock upon which the republic rest. Any student of scripture will come to understand this if you will read the Psalms over and over again. The references are many as to who the Rock is, The Lord God Almighty. Creator of heaven and earth. The stone that the builders rejected has become the head of the corner. Psalm 118:22, Mat 21:44, Acts 4:11,
    Rom 9:33. Just to name a few . take note of the number 11 for that is the eternal number of change. Like music hidden in the simitones. Rom 11:11 sums it up. God is not slack and has preserved his Holy Word, but you can not understand it unless you get saved, under the doctrines of liberty and freedom according to the Apostle Paul. Gospel of Christ.
    Freedom from oppression is not new news.
     -- watchman 13, USA     
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