"The USA was founded
in the name of democracy,
equality and individual freedom,
but is failing to deliver
the fundamental promise of
protecting rights for all."
19 Jan 2001
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Reader comments about this quote:
How ironic that Amnesty International actively champions individual rights and yet denounce any effort by nations to defend their rights in the name of self-defense.
 -- Kevin, Austin     
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    Sorry, but this government of ours was founded on the principals of a Republic and not a democracy. Democracy is the reason our country is approaching anarchy.
     -- Tom Ross, Boulder, CO     
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     -- Anonymous      
    They have a point. Don't let misguided patriotism cause you to deny it. To Tom from Boulder, democracy is the reason we are approaching collectivism and full-on socialism. How can there be anarchy when legislators pass new laws at the drop of a hat, far too many of which step on our freedoms because we clearly don't know as well as Uncle Sam what's good for us? Democracy will lead us to fascism and not by force, we'll elect it.
     -- hugh, st. louis     
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    I like Ben Franklin's quote about democracy the best. "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner."
     -- Bryan Morton, Stuart, FL     
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     -- ff ff, ff ff      
     -- Logan, Memphis, TN      
    and to the democracy for which it stands? i think NOT big fat zero
     -- Republic not Democracy, USA     
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    This is, unfortunately, true. Also: 1) a republic is a kind of democracy, and 2) hugh from st. louis, you have an interesting perspective.
     -- Anonymous     
    A democracy is NOT any form of a republic...you better do some more investigation......FAST!
     -- Mr. Republic, USA!     
     -- keith peterson, tucson, az      
     -- shantanu, noroflk      
     -- Anonymous      
    Amnesty International is not, AI is just another front group for the usual suspects .Communist and Petro dollars .The Nation was formed as a republic .
     -- Islam Forbids, Dar Al Harb     
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    So very few people of public firmly speak out the truth about the democracy lie. I just now as I'm typing realize this is traitorous, even treason. Reading through quotes earlier I read john adams

    they have accordingly labored, in all ages, to wrest from the populace, as they are contemptuously called, the knowledge of their rights and wrongs, and the power to assert the former or redress the latter.
     -- nobody important, exile     
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