"We are Socialists, we are enemies of the capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions."
Adolf Hitler
(1889-1945) German Nazi Dictator
“Thoughts about the Tasks of the Future", by Gregor Strasser
Falsely attributed to a Hitler speech on May 1, 1927. Cited in: Toland, John (1992). Adolf Hitler. Anchor Books. pp. 224–225. ISBN 0385037244.
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Reader comments about this quote:
Brilliant as MOST of his ideas were.

We have been badly lied to about Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party. If you want to start washing your own brain - you can start with what JFK and others had to say about Hitler:
 -- Jimi Bigbear, Libertyville, IA     
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    And what about the 6 million Jews sent to the gas chambers?
    The doctors who experimented on the Jews in horrific ways.
    I believe Obama & Hitler are one of the same....perhaps Hitler has been reincarnated.
    Welcome to *1984*.
     -- Suzy Q, Bellevue     
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    So Adolph was pro-Socialism. That explains today's socialists very nicely, they are all mini dictators who want to tell others how to live. He thought people should be rated according to responsibility and performance. Cool. Better than that nasty old capitalism...And if you didn't rate, he killed you.
    Very compassionate, this Socialism. Kind of like Ants in an Anthill.
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
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    Hitler is like any other Socialist, including Obama or Chavez.
    The only difference is the intensity and the moment the act.
     -- luis perez     
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    Libs today spout the nonsense that Adolph was a right winger. He was firmly ensconced on the left, meaning he was a socialist.
     -- jim k, Austin, Tx     
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    When I first started to read this quote, I thought I was reading about Bill Sotoros,aka,Obama.
     -- Larry C, Pequea,Pa     
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    Socialism (communist to fascist, Democrat to Republican, etc.) is a system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with it's unfair salaries, with it's unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property. Today's enacted socialism also punishes responsibility and performance. The comparisons of Hitler to Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin and other devotees of the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land are extremely numerous and accurate. Not quite sure how to rate this. I guess a thumbs down for the realization on current individuals (individually and in concert)
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
  • 5 3
    It's interesting how socialists need to separate wealth and property from the virtues that create them. Namely responsibility and performance.
     -- Bob, Eugene OR     
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    Hitler always has the best and most educational quotes. The left loved him until he attacked Russia. Margaret Sanger ,founder of planned parenthood, envied Hitler. She said that it was unfortunate that the U.S. would never deal with inferior races like Hitler did. She wanted to use abortion and birth control to rid the country of blacks, Jews and others she considered undesirable. Hitler and Stalin are about all you need to know about Socialism. All socialists are the same. Socialism kills every time it is tried.
     -- warren, olathe     
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    Today's 'progressives' ought to pay head as they are falling for the same tripe that the German people did as they ushered in socialism. The thing is, socialism never really delivers its promise so then the next step is to tighten the screws even further which turns into even more totalitarianism whether fascism, communism, or straight-up dictatorship. What folks ought to realize is that Statism in whatever form will result in the subjugation of the people to the State -- of course the State is owned and manipulated by its creditors which are a coterie of other men who are at the top of the pyramid. Statism is the road to servitude -- always has been.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    God, are you people stupid.
     -- Dave, Atlanta     
  • 3 8
    Thanks Dave, Atlanta....what happened? Did you reach your quota of thinking capacity before you could qualify that?
     -- J Carlton, Calgary     
  • 5 1
    Hey Dave in Atlanta: is your statement a fact, simply because you stated it, or do you have some idea as to how the posters here are "stupid?" It seems rather obvious to me that you are simply projecting your own miserable shortcoming upon others, just as all collectivist/progressives do.
     -- John, Lenoir, NC     
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    Nazis are NOT right-wing, or conservatives. They are socialists, plain and simple. Modern progressives are pushing us down the same road to poverty, violence, and death.
     -- Evan, Long Beach, CA     
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    Please do your research before posting this, the quote was not made by Hitler but by Gregor Strasser who was killed by Hitler and many others during the "Night of the Long Knives".

    If you just don't have a lot of time, you can use Hitler's own words from Mein Kampf, where the Furhrer clearly illustrates his contempt for the "leftists," and had used their colors (not to mention their name) to annoying them:

    "Yes, how often did they not turn up in huge numbers, those supporters of the Red Flag, all previously instructed to smash up everything once and for all and put an end to these meetings. More often than not everything hung on a mere thread, and only the chairmans ruthless determination and the rough handling by our ushers baffled our adversaries intentions. And indeed they had every reason for being irritated.

    The fact that we had chosen red as the colour for our posters sufficed to attract them to our meetings. The ordinary bourgeoisie were very shocked to see that, we had also chosen the symbolic red of Bolshevism and they regarded this as something ambiguously significant.

    The suspicion was whispered in German Nationalist circles that we also were merely another variety of Marxism, perhaps even Marxists suitably disguised, or better still, Socialists. The actual difference between Socialism and Marxism still remains a mystery to these people up to this day. The charge of Marxism was conclusively proved when it was discovered that at our meetings we deliberately substituted the words Fellow-countrymen and Women for Ladies and Gentlemen and addressed each other as Party Comrade. We used to roar with laughter at these silly faint-hearted bourgeoisie and their efforts to puzzle out our origin, our intentions and our aims.

    We chose red for our posters after particular and careful deliberation, our intention being to irritate the Left, so as to arouse their attention and tempt them to come to our meetings if only in order to break them up so that in this way we got a chance of talking to the people."



     -- Jos Torres, Puerto Rico     
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    Thank you, Jos, for your research. We will look into the proper source. Cheers.
     -- Editor, Liberty Quotes     
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    From my cursory research (Wikipedia) Strasser was a popular Nazi and inferentially he did reflect Nazi thinking. Heinrich Himmler was at one time his adjutant  This site attributes the quote to Strasser.  https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7899303.Gregor_Strasser   Strasser got sideways with Hitler over policy and was killed as were a number because they were rivals. But being socialists most of the lot were a den of vipers. It is a good point though as there are other quotes promulgated here that are wrongly attributed. We need links for every quote and to the opriginal whenever possible.

     -- Roger, Davenport     
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    Hitler was backed by Emil Kirdorf and other German industrialists. They wanted assurance that there would be no socialist-style nationalizations of their businesses. Hitler produced a little pamphlet entitled, 'The Road to Resurgence', for their eyes only. It assured them that it would be business as usual under the NSDAP. By 1934, Hitler ordered the socialist wing of the party murdered in their sleep during the infamous Night of the Long Knives. Hitler appealed to working class Germans in his squawking open air oratories but said very different things to German elites in closed door meetings. He was the biggest liar of the last century. 
     -- Patrik, Sault Ste Marie     
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    Bellow the quotation: "Falsely attributed to a Hitler speech on May 1, 1927."

    Conclusion: "So Adolph was pro-Socialism."


     -- Pedro Amaral Couto, Amora     
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    The Nazis were socialists  'socialist' is right there in the acronym.  The quote is misattributed to Hitler but was in fact from the NAZI Reich Propaganda Leader (actual title) and "we" includes Hitler, Goering, Himler and all the rest.  So, yes, Hitler was pro-socialism, and he was elected on that platform. But Hitler was anti-communist and once in power eliminated his opposition from the Left.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    The above meme is a lie.
    Truth here:


     -- nikto, Bakersfield     
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    This comment section really shows how far Americans have been brainwashed about socialism. How come otherwise that so many in spite of the "False Adolf Hitler Quote" tag in the top directly go to the comment section to spout their vague statements on the nazis being socialists?

     -- Wallace, Jesusville     
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    Probably because the Nazi party were socialists from the very beginning. Fascism is just another form of socialism, which is essentially statism, i.e. supremacy of the state, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism.  We may now add 'expertism' which requires us to bow to the dictates of experts in the 'social sciences' (i.e. how to rule). 

    The US government has become authoritarian and has hijacked the sovereignty of the People.  Those advocating for socialism are only demanding more control and regulation over the powers of the People laying claim to their labors and property forever.  The push for more socialism is simply demanding more communistic power. 

    Socialism is the enslavement of all, first starting out small, then ever advancing for more and more.  Socialists' quest for power merely puts it in the hands of their rulers.  The only beneficiaries of socialism are the rich and powerful and their minions, and thus attract those that lust for power.  Socialism is a religion that worships collective power (i.e. the fasces of fascism).  A false promise that never keeps its word.

     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    Snopes is using word play to deceive you.  Did you read the whole article?  They were socialists.  But they quote is only slightly off.

     -- Be, Mississauga     
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    If you want to know about Socialism, would you listen to Einstein-
    who had a bounty put on his head by Hitler? 

    Einstein wrote an essay called "Why Socialism?" and published it in the the Monthly Review.

    Its pretty short.
    Like Einstein was short.

    Or should I say "Gravitationally Challenged"? =)

    Here: https://MonthlyReview.org/why-socialism

    You aren't obligated somehow to agree with him- but hear him out. I dare you.

     -- Noah Edelson, Novato, CA     
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    Not really Jim, but I thank you for expressing your opinion.

    Try this on for size:

    "First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

    - This was Pastor Martin Niemoller's retelling of what happened (And he would know, having spent 7 years in the camps.)

    If you wanted to learn about Christ, would you trust a Satanist? Of couse not.
    If you wanted to learn about socialism from the guy
    Why would you learn about socialism from some random idiot
    If you want to learn about socialism

    Hitler's party was, unsurprisingly, a mixture of people with socialist leanings, nationalist leanings, or both.  When the stock market crashed in '29, Hitler had 3% and dwindling popularity. Shortly after, it skyrocketed— propelling him into power; because he sold the nationalism idea well, and Rohm, the party's gay & socialist cofounder, was big on socialism.   First thing that Hitler did when he came into power was to privatize the banks and key industries for the upcoming war. It was a smart move—  due to the depression his gov't didn't have sufficient money to run those industries.

    All he had to do was appeal to the richest landowners in Germany.  Which he did by having Rohm (who himself had 3 million SA working underneath him) killed in 1934, during the Rohm purge, aka "Night of the Long Knives". (He had other motivations— like ohm being disrespectful and a threat to his power.) 

    The entirety of the socialist leadership were given 1 minute "trials" before they were executed. Well, some of them were shot without a trial, namely the homosexuals.  Hitler, a Catholic, had only used socialism to get into power (the stock market crash had resulted in the termination of the Dawes plan— eg the USA loaning Germany money to rebuild.. so people were critical of capitalism's inherent instability.)  He would have stuck with socialism if it matched his needs, but it didn't. 

    The economic system of the 1930s Weimar Republic (called Germany now) was a planned capitalism.  People still had private property, etc.  But even if Hitler had decided to go back to socialism, it wouldn't have contributed to the evil of the Nazis— because its just a system of economics.  One that a guy named Albert Einstein supported, and wrote a nice essay on called "Why Socialism?".  And let me tell you, Hitler was no Einstein.  Nor was he a fan of Einstein.. Hitler put a bounty on Einstein's head, seized his bank account, had Einstein's books burnt in the streets, and criminalized even writing his name in the science journals of the day. 

    In any case, after 1934, they were just nationalists, not socialists. 
    None of what I stated is controversial to anyone (except maybe Neo-Nazis, to be fair.)  I don't blame you if you didn't know most of it though— it was kept out of my schooling too.  I had to actually read "Mein Kampf" to understand Hitler's motivations (which were a combination of religious, patriotic, and an actual love for his people; who he thought were being spiritually poisoned by liberal Jewish thought... aka "International Marxism", as he called it.)  Most of all, Hitler was a blame-shifter.  He targeted the Jews because he believed that they "mind controlled" the Russians by way of Marxism.  To a degree he was right about that— I mean Marx was a Jew, is all. Although Hitler hated Jews the most— all other non-Aryan peoples on the planet would have been murdered if he hadn't been stopped by the Soviets— who singlehandedly defeated 80%% of the Nazi forces.  Wikipedia "Eastern Front" and click on the results section for proof of that. 

     -- Noah Edelson, Novato, CA     
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    I read the article  yep, that's socialism, and no I'm not on board.  See, the problem with socialism is that you do not have a choice any more.  Personal responsibility is turned on its head.  You have to be conditioned in school for years to be made fit for society.  Blecch  imagine everything run like the DMV. 

    Socialism is the centralization of power, ultimately creating a seat of power ripe for dictatorship.  Socialists seek power  others' power.  It is a mind f@ck, hive mind, Borg mentality  21st century slaves.  Apologists for socialism usually hold positions of employment funded by the State, directly or indirectly.

     -- E Archer, NYC     
  • 2
    Well stated, Noah.  Hitler was elected by Germans that identified as socialist and the Nazi party was a socialist party.  Hitler killed off his other socialist contenders  does that disqualify him as a socialist?  I don't think so.  

    A republican form of government is decentralized and has checks and balances  the primary foundation of which is the declaration that the People have inherent rights that cannot ever be legislated away.  

    However, a statist form of government is centralized, and the head of state is sovereign, and all others subordinate  the State is supreme, and the people are its subjects.  'Rights' can be granted and taken away.  Statism has many forms  monarchy, socialism, fascism, communism, any top down pyramidal structure.  The key to power in politics is to preach socialism to get elected, then profit from the graft that comes with the corruption of that office. 

    'Rules for thee but not for me' is the hallmark of socialism.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
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    Einstein was obviously here a neophyte in attempting to scientifically evaluate the laws associated with socialism as a purely economic system. In the article you provided, Einstein drew most heavily from religion’s dogmas rather than from the general laws in the field of economics. Some of his observations were very accurate (such as religion’s brutes took over the people’s education - by example; the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land enlarges its dogmas {while decreasing studies in math, science, natural law, etc.} through ecclesiastical seminaries (government schools). Also, in Einstein’s calculations and thought projections, he did not incorporate an economic system’s conversion to religion through an erroneous claim of ethics and morals. I thoroughly enjoyed the article, thank you.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    Socialism is any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership of all property, direction of religion and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. Communism is an administration of socialism that holds all within its singular State name. As coined by Mussolini, fascism is socialism through State control by corporations. Corporations are extensions of the State with a bifurcation - i.e. The State maintains ultimate equitable ownership of all property while controlling creation and perimeters of operation. Under a false illusion of private action, enslaved operators act within a capacity at legal positivism of officer, stock holder, etc. Hitler, gaining power through the “National Socialist Workers Party” evolved from communistic tendencies to the more sufficient fascism.
     -- Mike, Norwalk     
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    You are correct Einstein was no economist.
    Einstein was however the "Public Enemy #1" of Nazi Germany.
    (source: time.com/Einstein-England)

    It sort of throws a wrench in the whole Nazi="real socialists" thing. :)
    I think he wrote the essay partially to vent against Christianity, since he had lost many friends in the Holocaust, and Nazi Germany was 97.5% Christian (according to the official 1939 census goog "Nazi religion" and the wikipedia article has the breakdown there.)

    Anyways I'm glad you liked the essay.  It is sad that Communism effectively turned into a religion. At least the Nordic model (which combines capitalism and socialism) seems to be the best economic system out there. I think that is what Germany uses now, too.  To their credit they learned from their mistakes. Also; they are no longer 97% Christian, but rather about 51%. Angela Merkel was educated at Karl Marx university, learned Quantum Chemistry before she became Chancellor. Smart as a razor!

     -- Noah, Novato     
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