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Famous Quotes and Quotations - Index M
Donald S. MacAlvaney Quotes
General Douglas MacArthur Quotes
Thomas Babington Macaulay Quotes
Antonio Machado Quotes
Tibor Machan Quotes
Tibor R. Machan Quotes
J. Gresham Machen Quotes
Niccolo Machiavelli Quotes
Robert M. MacIver Quotes
Charles Mackay Quotes
Sir James MacKintosh Quotes
Archibald Macleish Quotes
James Madison Quotes
James Madison Quotes (False)
Maurice Maeterlinck Quotes
Bill Maher Quotes
Brian Maher Quotes
Charles S. Maier Quotes
Norman Mailer Quotes
Maimonides Quotes
Gary Makovski Quotes
Joyce Lee Malcolm Quotes
Kenan Malik Quotes
Michelle Malkin Quotes
Dumas Malone Quotes
George W. Malone Quotes
David Mamet Quotes
Morris Mandel Quotes
Nelson Mandela Quotes
Clarence Manion Quotes
Frank Mankiewicz Quotes
Marisa Manley Quotes
Hiram Mann Quotes
Horace Mann Quotes
Thomas Mann Quotes
Katherine Mansfield Quotes
Dmitri Manuilsky Quotes
Manusmriti Quotes
Alf Mapp, Jr. Quotes
Marbury vs. Madison Quotes
Peyton Conway March Quotes
William Marcy Quotes
Orison Swett Marden Quotes
Jacques Maritain Quotes
Christopher Marlowe Quotes
Gabriel Garcia Marquez Quotes
John Marshall Quotes
Justice John Marshall Quotes
Justice Thurgood Marshall Quotes
Jose Marti y Perez Quotes
Martial Quotes
Everett Dean Martin Quotes
Howard Martin Quotes
Luther Martin Quotes
Thomas Martin Quotes
Tony Martin Quotes
Steven Martinovich Quotes
Groucho Marx Quotes
Karl Marx Quotes
Karl Marx Quotes (Questionable)
George Mason Quotes
Massachusetts Bill of Rights Quotes
Massachusetts Declaration of Rights Quotes
Massachusetts State Motto Quotes
Robert K. Massie Quotes
Bert Masterson Quotes
Matthew 20:15 Quotes
Chris Matthews Quotes
Don Matthews Quotes
William R. Mattox, Jr. Quotes
W. Somerset Maugham Quotes
Francois Mauriac Quotes
Andre Maurois Quotes
Rollo May Quotes
Jonathan Mayhew Quotes
Benjamin E. Mays Quotes
Giuseppe Mazzini Quotes
William Gibbs McAdoo Quotes
Donald S. McAlvaney Quotes
Barry McCaffrey Quotes
Eugene McCarthy Quotes
Mary McCarthy Quotes
Robert McChesney Quotes
Bill McConnell Quotes
G. D. McDaniel Quotes
Larry P. McDonald Quotes
Neil A. McDonald Quotes
Bob McEwen Quotes
Louis McFadden Quotes
Gail W. McGee Quotes
Phyllis McGinley Quotes
Patrick McGoohan Quotes
George McGovern Quotes
William McGowan Quotes
James McGuigan Quotes
Al McGuire Quotes
Reginald McKenna Quotes
Terence McKenna Quotes
William McKinley Quotes
John E. McLaughlin Quotes
Mignon McLaughlin Quotes
Justice John McLean Quotes
Marshall McLuhan Quotes
John F. McManus Quotes
Carey McWilliams Quotes
Peter McWilliams Quotes
James Meacham Quotes
Margaret Mead Quotes
George Meany Quotes
Alexander Meiklejohn Quotes
Chris Meissen Quotes
Rupertus Meldenius Quotes
Melians Quotes
Herman Melville Quotes
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Quotes: Index by Author
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