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Quote from Black's Law Dictionary, 3rd Edition,

"Militia: The body of citizens in a state, enrolled for discipline as a military force, but not engaged in actual service except in emergencies, as distinguished from regular troops or a standing army."


Black's Law Dictionary, 3rd Edition (more quotes by Black's Law Dictionary, 3rd Edition or books by/about Black's Law Dictionary, 3rd Edition)


Black's Law Dictionary, third edition, published in 1933. See Ex parte McCants, 39 Ala. 112; Worth v. Craven County, 118 N.C. 112, 24 S.E. 778; Brown v. Newark, 29 N.J. Law, 238; Story v. Perkins (D.C.) 243 F. 997, 999.


Military, Militia, Power, Sovereignty


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