"There is nothing to take a man's freedom away from him, save other men.
To be free, a man must be free of his brothers."
Ayn Rand
[Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum] (1905-1982) Russian-American novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter
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Reader comments about this quote:
What a disturbed sense of the ironic this overworked conscience had, all because it was based on solipsism
 -- Satyagraha, Yardley, Pa.      
     -- Milous Ford, Murray, Ky      
     -- Eugene T. King, New York      
    Absolute truth! Truth is abolute.
     -- W Holton, Idaho     
    Simply Perfect Ideas on Freedom, Liberty, Reality and Reason. Better than everyone before or since. Ten Stars.
     -- Maximllion, Holland, PA     
    We must work together, not live in greed and selfishness only. Basic flaw in Ms Rand's "philosophy"
     -- Lila, Atlanta, GA     
    The issue is 'choice'. It is not selfish to wish to have control over oneself. Working together is a choice -- not a requirement.
     -- Chicago     
    It's called 'Independence'.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
     -- warren, olathe      
     -- Anonymous      
    It's an axiom: one's life is one's own. Hands off, statists!
     -- Ancaps, Ancapolis     
     -- jay, hollywood      
    it's nice!!!!!!!!!!!!
     -- priya, jalandhar     
    A much evaded truth.
     -- American, New York     
     -- Larry B,, West New York      
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