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"The Care therefore of every man's Soul belongs unto himself, and is to
be left unto himself. But what if he neglect the Care of his Soul?
I answer, What if he neglects the Care of his Health, or of his Estate,
which things are nearlier related to the Government of the Magistrate
than the other? Will the magistrate provide by an express Law, That such
an one shall not become poor or sick? Laws provide, as much as is
possible, that the Goods and Health of Subjects be not injured by the
Fraud and Violence of others; they do not guard them from the Negligence
or Ill-husbandry of the Possessors themselves."

John Locke
(1632-1704) English philosopher and political theorist
A Letter Concerning Toleration [1689], Edited and Introduced by James H. Tully (Hacklett Publishing Company, 1983), p. 35

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