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Quote from John C. Lenzen,

My concern is that past motivations for disarming blacks are really not so different from the motivations behind disarming law-abiding citizens today. In the last century, the rhetoric in support of such laws was that "they" (i.e. blacks) were too violent and too untrustworthy to be allowed weapons. Today, the same elitist rhetoric regards law-abiding Americans the same way, as children in need of guidance from the government.


John C. Lenzen (more quotes by John C. Lenzen or books by/about John C. Lenzen)

(B.A. 1992 Rutgers College; J.D. 1995 Rutgers Univ. School of Law)


Note: Liberalizing The Concealed Carry Of Handguns By Qualified Civilians: The Case For "Carry Reform", 47 Rutgers L. Rev. 1503, 1511 n. 22 (Summer 1995)




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