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Quote from Günter Bechly,

If a theory and its proponents stubbornly refuse falsification by an ever increasing body of substantial conflicting evidence, the theory degenerates into a textbook example of dogmatic pseudo-science. The neo-Darwinian theory of macroevolution has failed on all fronts, from mathematical feasibility, to theoretical plausibility and explanatory power, to empirical support.


Günter Bechly (more quotes by Günter Bechly or books by/about Günter Bechly)


Evolution News, "New Fossil Human Species Thwarts Core Darwinian Predictions," April 19, 2019. In reference to "the late great philosopher of science Sir Karl Popper (1963): Conjectures and Refutations!"


Science, Reason, Evolution, Honesty, Power


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