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Quote from Barbara Kay,

"Professionalism implies knowledge based in evidence, not in authority. Such lines are blurred in the era of identity politics and the normalization of pseudo-disciplines such as Gender Studies, Black Studies, Queer Studies, Fat Studies, Disability Studies, Chicano Studies and White Studies and Indigenous Studies, all of which are taught based on the “authority” of Marxism, and all of whose primary purpose is to demonize “oppressors” – the “patriarchy,” white “colonialists” and the U.S. in general – and to recruit activists for organized perpetuation of the identity grievance industry."


Barbara Kay (more quotes by Barbara Kay or books by/about Barbara Kay)


The Left’s Siege of Our Universities (2017)



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Education, Marxism, Propaganda, Racism, Sexuality, Political Correctness, Psycho-politics, Activism


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