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Quote from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.,

"But I know now that there is not a chance in hell of America becoming humane and reasonable. Because power corrupts us, and absolute power corrupts us absolutely. Human beings are chimpanzees who get crazy drunk on power. By saying that our leaders are power-drunk chimpanzees, am I in danger of wrecking the morale of our soldiers fighting and dying in the Middle East? Their morale, like so many lifeless bodies, is already shot to pieces. They are being treated, as I never was, like toys a rich kid got for Christmas."


Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (more quotes by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. or books by/about Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.)

(1922-2007) American author


America, Military, Politics, Power, Statism, Tyranny, War


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