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False Quote from Gaius Petronius Arbiter,

"We trained hard, but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams, we would be reorganized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing; and a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization."


Gaius Petronius Arbiter (more quotes by Gaius Petronius Arbiter or books by/about Gaius Petronius Arbiter)

(c.27-66 AD) Roman Satirist


Falsely attributed to Gaius Petronius Arbiter. Quote is from Charlton Ogburn, Jr. (1911-1998), in Harper's Magazine, "Merrill's Marauders: The truth about an incredible adventure" (Jan 1957)


Bureaucracy, Corruption, Deception, Government, Tyranny


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