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Quote from Rene A. Wormser,

"The Council on Foreign Relations, another member of the international complex, financed by the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations, overwhelmingly propagandizes the globalist concept. This organization became virtually an agency of the government when World War II broke out. The Rockefeller Foundation had started and financed certain studies known as the War and Peace Studies, manned largely by associates of the Council; the State Department, in due course, took these studies over, retaining the major personnel which the Council on Foreign Relations had supplied."


Rene A. Wormser (more quotes by Rene A. Wormser or books by/about Rene A. Wormser)

Chief Counsel to the Reece Committee, which investigated the power and influence of Tax Exempt Foundations during the 1950’s


Foundations: Their Power and Influence (1958)




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