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Quote from Dean Inge,

"If a multitude is to be subjected to a plan, it must be militarized. If individuals are allowed a free choice, the plan is thrown into confusion. Bureaucracy, under an absolute ruler, or rulers, is necessary. Popular consent can be secured only by rigorous censorship and prohibition of free discussion. Espionage is a necessary part of the system, and a considerable amount of terrorism. Since private expenditure must be controlled, it is wise to keep private incomes near a subsistence level and to dole out any surplus on collective pleasures such as free holidays. We shall not understand totalitarian tyranny unless we realize that it is the result of the planned economy."


Dean Inge (more quotes by Dean Inge or books by/about Dean Inge)

[William Ralph Inge] (1860-1954) English author, Anglican priest, professor of divinity at Cambridge, and Dean of St Paul's Cathedral


Bureaucracy, Censorship, Consent, Economics, Force, Military, Regulation, Totalitarian, Tyranny


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