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Quote from Gary Allen,

"By the time the (16th) Amendment had been approved by the states, the Rockefeller Foundation was in full operation...about the same time that Judge Kenesaw Landis was ordering the breakup of the Standard Oil monopoly...John D...not only avoided taxes by creating four great tax-exempt foundations; he used them as repositories for his 'divested' interests...made his assets non-taxable so that they might be passed down through generations and gift taxes...Each year the Rockefellers can dump up to half their incomes into their pet foundations and deduct the "donations" from their income tax."


Gary Allen (more quotes by Gary Allen or books by/about Gary Allen)

(1936-86) American journalist


in his 1976 book "The Rockefeller File"


Corruption, Money, Power, Taxation, Rockefeller, Economics, Deception, Monopoly


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