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Quote from Nien Cheng,

“Day and night the city resounded with the loud noise of drums and gongs … looting and the ransacking of private homes … The violence of the Red Guards seemed to have escalated. … Articles in the newspapers … encouraged the Red Guards and congratulated them on their vandalism. They were … exhorted to be fearless in their work of toppling the old world and building a new one based on Mao’s teachings.
These words leaped out at me yesterday while rereading an old copy of Nien Cheng’s classic “Life and Death in Shanghai.”


Nien Cheng (more quotes by Nien Cheng or books by/about Nien Cheng)

[Yao Nien-Yuan 姚念媛] (1915 - 2009) Chinese author who recounted her harrowing experiences during the Cultural Revolution in her memoir 'Life and Death in Shanghai'


Life and Death in Shanghai, 1987



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China, Communism, Insurgence, History, Culture, Free Thought, Revolution, Oppression, Propaganda


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