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Quote from Judge John Foster Symes,

"I consider marijuana the worst of all narcotics, far worse than the use of morphine or cocaine. Under its influence men become beasts. Marijuana destroys life itself. I have no sympathy with those who sell this weed. The government is going to enforce this new law to the letter."


Judge John Foster Symes (more quotes by Judge John Foster Symes or books by/about Judge John Foster Symes)

(1878-1951) United States federal judge


October 5, 1937, when sentencing Samuel R. Caldwell (the first person to be charged under the new Marijuana Tax Stamp Act passed 3 days earlier) to four years of hard labour in Leavenworth Penitentiary, plus a $1,000 fine. Caldwell served every day of his sentence and died one year later after his release.


Drugs, Injustice, Marijuana, Punishment


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