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Quote from Doug Bandow,

"Being paid by the government to shelve books in a library, whether as an employee or as an Americorps member, is no more laudable or valuable than being paid by Crown Books to stock bookshelves in a bookstore. A host of private-sector jobs provide enormous public benefits—consider health care professionals, medical and scientific researchers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and artists. Many of these people earn less than they could in alternative work; they have chosen to serve in their own way. Yet government programs that equate public employment with service to society effectively denigrate service through private employment."


Doug Bandow (more quotes by Doug Bandow or books by/about Doug Bandow)

(1954- ) American columnist, author, a senior fellow at the Cato Institute


National Service -- or Government Service?, Policy Review, p. 34, September-October, 1996


Government, Jobs, Labor


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