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Quote from Tom Bethel,

"No Gulag, evidently, can deter the advocates of state power from believing in their own virtue and in the morality of the power they exercise. We are all Hobbesians now. Virtue is presumed to reside in the state. Its reliance on compulsion is seen as fulfilling, not undermining, morality. Our communicators, oddly employed in the private sector, work tirelessly to ensure that state control is maintained, our taxes stay high, the official message is promoted. The people know, and can only know, a tiny fraction of what Leviathan does, and what they know is what these partisans tell them."


Tom Bethel (more quotes by Tom Bethel or books by/about Tom Bethel)


Freedom and Its Enemies, AMERICAN SPECTATOR, June, 1999 p. 19.


Compulsion, Deception, Propaganda, Statism, Tax, Virtue


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