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Quote from Dr. Mary J. Ruwart,

"Forcing people to be more 'unselfish' creates animosity instead of good will. Trying to control selfish others is a cure worse
than the disease. ... In trying to control others, we find ourselves controlled. We point fingers at the dictators, the Communists, the politicians, and
the international cartels. We are blithely unaware that our desire to control selfish others creates and sustains them. Like a stone thrown in a quiet
pond, our desire to control our neighbors ripples outward, affecting the political course of our community, state, nation, and world. Yet we know not
what we do. We attempt to bend our neighbors to our will, sincere in our belief that we are benevolently protecting the world from their folly and
short-sightedness. We seek control to create peace and prosperity, not realizing that this is the very means by which war and poverty are propagated.
In fighting for our dream without awareness, we become the instruments of its destruction. If we could only see the pattern!


Dr. Mary J. Ruwart (more quotes by Dr. Mary J. Ruwart or books by/about Dr. Mary J. Ruwart)

(1949- )


Healing Our World, Introduction.


Coercion, Communism, Control, Deception, Despotism, Poverty, Sacrifice, War, Jealousy


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