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Quote from Frank Straus Meyer,

The ideal type of the Communist is a man in whom all individual, emotional, and unconscious elements have been reduced to a minimum and subjected to the control of an iron will, informed by a supple intellect. That intellect is totally at the service of a single and compelling idea, made incarnate in the Communist Party: the concept of History as an inexorable god whose ways are revealed ‘scientifically’ through the doctrine and method of Marxism-Leninism.
Frank Meyer in
The Moulding of Communists


Frank Straus Meyer (more quotes by Frank Straus Meyer or books by/about Frank Straus Meyer)

(1909-1972) American philosopher, political activist, best known for his theory of "fusionism" – a political philosophy that unites elements of libertarianism and traditionalism into a philosophical synthesis which is posited as the definition of modern American conservatism.


The Moulding of Communists: The Training of the Communist Cadre, 1961, p.16



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Communism, Individualism, Emotion, Consciousness, Ignorance, Free Thought, Intelligence, Control, Force, Service, History, God, Science, Marxism, Leninism


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