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Quote from Ken Schoolland,

"For thousands of years, the tireless effort of productive men and women has been spent trying to reduce the distance between communities of the world by reducing the costs of commerce and trade. Over the same span of history, the slothful and incompetent protectionist has endlessly sought to erect barriers in order to prohibit competition—thus, effectively moving communities farther apart. When trade is cut off entirely, the real producers may as well be on different planets. The protectionist represents the worst in humanity: fear of change, fear of challenge, and the jealous envy of genius. The protectionist is not against the use of every kind of force, even warfare, to crush his rival. If mankind is to survive, then these primeval fears must be defeated."


Ken Schoolland (more quotes by Ken Schoolland or books by/about Ken Schoolland)

Former U.S. International Trade Commission economist, Former Special Advisor to the White House, executive of International Society for Individual Liberty


Commerce, Fear, Force, Humanity, Production, Prohibition, Protectionism, Trade, War


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