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Quote from Catherine Bertini,

"Let's have no illusions. We can't easily change the underlying beliefs and prejudices that do so much damage to women worldwide. We cannot quickly change attitudes, but we can change behaviour. At the World Food Programme we have recognized what a valuable tool food aid can be in changing behaviour. In so many poorer countries food is money, food is power. In some of our most successful food aid projects, we literally pay families who do not believe in educating their daughters to send those girls to school. A little free cooking oil can go a long way. We trade a 5 litre can of oil for 30 days of school attendance by a young girl. Yes, it's bribery. We don't apologize for that. We are changing behaviour, we are giving hope and opportunity to young girls and that is all that counts. Each small change in behaviour will one day pay off in a change in attitude."


Catherine Bertini (more quotes by Catherine Bertini or books by/about Catherine Bertini)

Executive director U.N. World Food Program, Beijing, China


U.N. 4th World Conference on Women, September, 1995


Education, Food, Power, Prejudice, UN, Women


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