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Quote from Henry St. George Tucker,

"To secure their enjoyment, however, certain protections or barriers have been erected which serve to maintain inviolate the three primary rights of personal security, personal liberty, and private property. These may in America be said to be: 1. The bill of rights and written constitutions ... 2. The rights of bearing arms—which with us is not limited and restrained by an arbitrary system of game laws as in England, but is particularly enjoyed by every citizen, and is among his most valuable privileges, since it furnishes the means of resisting as a freeman ought, the inroads of usurpation. 3. The right of applying to the courts of justice for the redress of injuries."


Henry St. George Tucker (more quotes by Henry St. George Tucker or books by/about Henry St. George Tucker)

(1780-1848) Virginia jurist, law professor, and U.S. Congressman (1815-1819)


Commentaries on the Laws of Virginia p. 43 (1831)


America, Arms, Individual Rights, Jurisdiction, Law, Liberty, Power, Prosperity, Resistance, Security, Usurpation


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