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Quote from Richard A. Epstein,

"While it would be silly and ungracious to insist that intelligent deliberation on public issues is nowhere found in modern communities, it would be naive to imagine that wise deliberation can survive the constant pounding from self-interested political behavior. Benevolence in public institutions has a short half-life no matter how noble its original intentions." and "Once [a] program is in place, its day-to-day administration falls into the hands of a professional cadre besieged by powerful interest groups whose influence grows as public interest wanes. . . . A slow process of disintegration and reconfiguration sets in, transforming and expanding a program from within."


Richard A. Epstein (more quotes by Richard A. Epstein or books by/about Richard A. Epstein)

(1943-) Laurence A. Tisch Professor of Law at the New York University School of Law


Principles for a Free Society


Power, Bureaucracy, Politics, Corruption


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