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Bowles, Linda - Today, the greatest threat to the freedom of the American people is not some external enemy but their own government. - The
Constitution no longer protects us, CONSERVATIVE CHRONICLE, p. 2, December 18, 1996

Buchanan, Patrick - Since 1950, the bite the federal government takes out of the family paycheck has soared from just 2 percent to 25 percent.
When you include state and local taxes, families are paying almost 40 percent of their earnings to the government. Federal tax policy has become
anti-family and anti-women. Mothers who would prefer to stay home with their preschool children are being forced to take full-time jobs, just to
make ends meet. Because of the increasing demands of work, parents today spend just half the amount of time with their children that they spent 20
years ago. This is at the heart of America’s social crises. - December 5, 1995, quoted in Buchanan says U.S. social crises caused by high taxes, THE
UNREPORTED NEWS, p.1, December 24, 1995.

Griffin, G. Edward - [I]f we were to cut out the waste, subsidies, foreign giveaways, transfer programs, interest on the national debt, transfusions
into the Monetary Fund, and support for the World Bank, plus the cost of running the IRS itself—the federal government could easily operate, as it
was intended to do, on indirect taxes alone. - Before the Income Tax, THE NEW AMERICAN p. 29, April 1, 1996.

Lao-Tzu – When taxes are too high, people go hungry. - TAO TE CHING.

Lee, Robert W. - The federal tax code now contains 555 million words, including 4,000 changes made in the last decade. There are some 480
different tax forms, and another 280 forms that tell us how to fill out the 480 forms. Between 1913 (when the 16th Amendment authorizing an income
tax was ratified) and 1994, federal spending (even when adjusted for inflation) increased by a staggering 13,592 percent. - Tracking the Budget
Beast, THE NEW AMERICAN, p. 22, May 27, 1996

Mariotti, Steve (founder and president of National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship) – Even more misguided than our national welfare
strategy is our 7.5 million-word tax code. Even the most respected tax experts can’t claim to understand fully this maze of vague and often
contradictory rules that runs no less than 38,000 pages. How can we expect young people who have never even seen a W-2 form to make sense out of
the thousands of tax regulations that apply to starting and running a business? The U.S. tax code has been a terrible burden for the business
community, but for low-income youths it has been absolutely devastating. - IMPRIMUS, Solving the Problem of Poverty, November 19998.

Paul, Congressman Ron - The government loves vague laws. They are essential to tyranny and executive discretion.

Paul, Dr. Ron – Christ came here for spiritual reasons, not secular war and boundaries and geography. And yet, we are now dedicating so much of
our aggressive activity in the name of God, but God, he is the Prince of Peace. That is what I see from my God and through Christ. I vote for peace.
- Values Voter Presidential Debate, September 17, 2007

Paul, Dr. Ron Let it not be said that we did nothing.

Paul, Dr. Ron – The do-good liberal who said we have to take care of everybody -- and they are well intentioned -- the more debt they run up to give
to the poor, the poorer the people get because they cannot keep up. - The Glenn Beck Program, January 23, 2008

Paul, Dr. Ron – War is never economically beneficial except for those in position to profit from war expenditures. - Conscription - The Terrible
Price of War, November 21, 2003


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