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Quote from Everett Piper,

"Honesty demands that we boldly pursue ideas tested by time, defended by reason, validated by experience, and confirmed by revelation. We will only find truth when we place our confidence in it and not in ourselves. We will only learn when we love truth enough to measure all ideas with a measuring rod outside of those things being measured and are willing to discard those ideas we find to be "intolerable," inferior, and useless. "


Everett Piper (more quotes by Everett Piper or books by/about Everett Piper)

President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University


'Bethlehem, Not Berkeley, Is the Birthplace of Free Speech,' The Christian Post, Apr 27, 2017


Honesty, Reason, Experience, Confidence, Truth, Love, Discernment, Tolerance, Conscience


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