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Quote from John Trenchard,

"It's the misfortune of all Countries,
that they sometimes lie under a unhappy necessity
to defend themselves by Arms
against the ambition of their Governors,
and to fight for what's their own.
If those in government are heedless of reason,
the people must patiently submit to Bondage,
or stand upon their own Defence;
which if they are enabled to do,
they shall never be put upon it,
but their Swords may grow rusty in their hands;
for that Nation is surest to live in Peace,
that is most capable of making War;
and a Man that hath a Sword by his side,
shall have least occasion to make use of it."


John Trenchard (more quotes by John Trenchard or books by/about John Trenchard)



and Walter Moyle (1672-1721), "An Argument, shewing; that a standing Army is Inconsistent with
a Free Government and Absolutely Destructive to the Constitution
of the English Monarchy," (London, 1697)


Arms, Defense, Freedom, Independence, Liberty, Peace, Responsibility, War


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