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Quote from Charles Haddon Spurgeon,

“Men cannot see truth, because they love falsehood. The gospel is not seen, because it is too pure for their loose lives and lewd thoughts.” —Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892)


Charles Haddon Spurgeon (more quotes by Charles Haddon Spurgeon or books by/about Charles Haddon Spurgeon)

Courtesy of:

Patriot Post, July 14, 2022


Arrogance, Behavior, Character, Conceit, Consciousness, Contempt, Corruption, Degeneracy, Delusion, Denial, Desire, Discernment, Ignorance, Perception, Purity, Religion, Revolt, Self-Destruction, Sex, Sin, Spiritual, Thought, Truth, Understanding, Vanity, Venality, Vice, Falsehood, Gospel


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