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Quote from Judge Whitman Knapp,

"[A]fter 20 years on the bench, I have concluded that Federal drug laws are a disaster. It is time to get the Government out of drug enforcement. ... If the possession or distribution of drugs were no longer a Federal crime, other levels of government would face the choice of enforcement or ... decriminalizing. ... The variety, complexity and importance of these questions make it exceedingly clear that the Federal Government has no business being involved in any of them. What might be a hopeful solution in New York, could be a disaster in Idaho, and only State legislatures and city governments, not Congress, can pass laws tailored to local needs. ... It [Congress] should repeal all Federal laws that prohibit or regulate their distribution ..."


Judge Whitman Knapp (more quotes by Judge Whitman Knapp or books by/about Judge Whitman Knapp)

(1909-2004) US Federal Judge (U.S. Dist. Ct., South. Dist. of N.Y.)


May 9, 1993, letter to editor, New York Times.


Crime, Drugs, Government, Law, Oppression


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