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Quote from Earl Browder,

"The American communists worked energetically and tirelessly to lay the foundations for the United Nations which we were sure would come into existence. … It can be said, without exaggeration, that ever closer relations between our nation and the Soviet Union are an unconditional requirement for the United Nations as a world coalition. … The United Nations is the instrument for victory. Victory is required for the survival of our nation. The Soviet Union is an essential part of the United Nations. Mutual confidence between our country and the Soviet Union and joint work in the leadership of the United Nations are absolutely necessary."


Earl Browder (more quotes by Earl Browder or books by/about Earl Browder)

(1891-1973) General Secretary of the Communist Party USA (1934-1945), writer


Victory--and after. New York: International Publishers, 1942


Communism, NWO, UN


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