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Quote from Lon VanOstran,

Using the power of the law to ensure that the law abiding are at the mercy of the lawless is an act of barbarism beyond the realms
of logic. The dreamers and fools who force us to endure the carnage should be on trial along with the criminals they are creating.The world is not
made more civil by forcing the civilized to be the victims of the predators. How dare you, any of you, refuse good law abiding citizens the right
to defend themselves in a country where there were 25,000 murders, 105,000 reported rapes, and 975,000 armed robberies LAST YEAR?


Lon VanOstran (more quotes by Lon VanOstran or books by/about Lon VanOstran)


letter to The Unreported News, January 19, 1996


Crime, Defense, Guns, Law, Power, Theft


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