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Quote from Richard Arens,

"Thus far of the leadership of the National Council of Churches of Christ in America, we have found over 100 persons in leadership capacity with either communist-front records or records of service to communist causes. The aggregate affiliations of the leadership, instead of being in the hundreds as first indicated, is now, according to the latest count, into the thousands, and we have yet to complete our check, which would certainly suggest, on the basis of authoritative sources of this committee, that the statement that there is infiltration of fellow travelers in churches and educational institutions is a complete understatement."


Richard Arens (more quotes by Richard Arens or books by/about Richard Arens)

Staff Director of the House Committee on Un-American Activities


“Issues Presented by the Air Reserve Training Manual” (Hearings), House Committee on Un-American Activities, Congressional Record (1960)


Education, NWO


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