"There are some who feel like that, you know, the conditions are such that they can attack us there [in Iraq]. My answer is, 'Bring 'em on.' "
George W. Bush
(1946- ) 43rd US President, Yale Skull & Bones Society
July 3, 2003
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Reader comments about this quote:
 -- Nora, Jordan      
Mission Accomplished!
 -- Tom, Rock Hill     
    Is this guys a moron...??? Does he think this is a sporting event, and he's taunting the other team??? No this is war, and his disrespect for American soldiers, those who are their risking their lives, is unforgiveable for an American President.
     -- David, Sydney     
    Yes, he is a moron.
     -- EGL, LA     
    I believe his audience gave that thumbs down
     -- Robert, Sarasota     
     -- Mike, Norwalk      
    Bush, go home!
     -- wam, NYC     
    Sure, Mr. President. "Bring 'em on!" You won't be the one who dies! It would be a very short war, if at all, if the President were required to be on the front lines!
     -- Joe, Rochester, MI     
    A moron? No, he appears to be of above average in intelligence... however, he is a "cowboy" and lacks in "common sense" and has severe communication problems... how DID he get elected when he can't successfully communicate? It speaks directly to the problem of the "American Teliban".. That is more of an indictment of the American electorate than of the man himself... (what just happened, how did I get into a position of defending King George W. when I believe he is the worse president ever to sit in office?)
     -- Anonymous, Reston, VA US     
    He is a idiot, a moron and a lier,
     -- Gregrorff, Canada     
    Reston, he got elected because the alternative was even more scary and incomprehensible. As long as we keep letting the powers that be keep presenting us with "dumb and dumber" to vote for, we will keep getting elected officials like this.
     -- Mike, Mount Holly, NC     
    The quotation is exactly why GW Bush was chosen to be the Republican prez nominee: beCAUSE he doesn't know what he's talking about...he's what I refer to as 'malleable'...he can be tweaked into whatever position Cheney and Rumsfeld choose for him. That was the purpose all along. Red State America bought it hook, line and sinker.
     -- A.Jurgensen, Stuart, FL     
    Interesting that no quotation source has ever received such universal rejection. from all the broad spectrum of posters. At least the editor has found a source everyone can agree on.
     -- Jack, Green.OH     
    I cringe every time I see the clip of GWB uttering this statement -- I am truly embarrassed as an American.
     -- E Archer, NYC     
    the shrub is ANTI freedom, just look at the patriot (aka patsy) act... what about open border? Yeah, fighting the war on terrah... uh-huh.
     -- Prometheus, Indiana     
    There are some who think calling someone a "cowboy" is an insult...sorry, its not. I very much remember who GW was running against...Mr. Internet himself...who's mother sang "Look for the union lable" as she rocked him to sleep (note: that commercial came out years after Gore was born." Who is it that is the liar? Guess that depends on what your definition of is is huh? Give me a break. I feel sorry for any of your who cannot see in this a statement we will not be intimidated by the forces of evil. Gracious!
     -- Michael, Houston     
    You sir, suck.
     -- Anonymous     
    Sick intentions by a sick narcicistic fool.
     -- Nicole, Arlington Washington     
    It is not reasonable that those who gamble with other mens lives do not risk their own
     -- H.G. WELLS     
    I beg to offer that we ALL felt that we needed to go after the 9/11 contributors in the beginning... are Americans such sissies to turn around and point fingers at a man who DID have the vast majority of our approval in the start?
     -- Anonymous     
     -- chongo, Fort Worth      
    He was right. Bring it On.
     -- Barack, DC     
     -- Patton      
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